Reconnecting Power

“OPPD knows many of our customers are facing difficulties right now after historic flooding impacted the area.  We understand – a number of our own employees are coping with their own property damage and losses as well.  As tough as this is, we need to remember safety comes first! 
OPPD crews have been working to protect infrastructure from floodwaters to maintain safe, reliable service for our entire 13-county service territory.  Power was also disconnected to over 1,550 customers due to flooding and related issues.  This is a precaution OPPD takes when directed by law enforcement or emergency management officials.  We do this for customer safety, as well as the safety of others living in the area, for our crews and first responders.  Power cannot be turned back on in these instances until the flooding subsides.  
We have been working with Emergency Management Agencies and our community partners to identify a step-by-step process for reconnecting power.  Attached is an infographic that shows the process and where OPPD’s involvement comes in.  It includes all of the city and county permitting/inspection agency office contact info.  Please take a look at the infographic and FAQs and forward to anyone else you know who is impacted by the floods.  You may also find related information on safety and reconnections on OPPD’s Storm & Outage Center as well as on Facebook and twitter.    
OPPD cares and we appreciate you sharing this information with impacted friends and family. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Jamie Wagner at 402.636.3740 or”